Try The Garra Rufa Fish Experience!

The Garra rufa fish have no teeth, they nibble away dead skin using suction-shaped mouths leaving the healthy new skin underneath untouched.  A new, revolutionary skin treatment and pedicure using small fish!

For many years now, Ichthiotherapy has been used widely by aestheticians and spas around the world, especially in combination with pedicures and peeling. Its value as a treatment was first determined by the Japanese and Chinese, from where the reputation of the treatment spread to countries throughout the world, including USA, England and many countries in Europe.

Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

Your feet are emersed in our specially design foot spa which contains the Garra Rufa fish. You will stay with the fish for 20 Minutes, after which you will have your feet buffed and a foot massage with cream. To finish the cuticles are tidied and nails shaped. The water in the Garra Rufa spa is 36 degrees Celcius (96 F) and a near neutral PH of 7.3. The warm water will soften the skin so the fish can begin to nibble. This temperature will create a warm and relaxing feeling on top of the tingling massage from the fish.

Try The Garra Rufa Fish Experience

Ichthiotherapy is a new, effective method of removing dead skin cells. It is a form of therapy rooted in ancient times and is well-known today throughout the Middle East, especially in Turkey and India, where the therapy is combined with other forms of treatment. This unique treatment uses Garra Rufa fish which gently rid skin of dead cells to reveal the new, softer skin underneath. The results of Ichthiotherapy are remarkable and it can be used very effectively to combat against many different skin conditions. (Ref. “Ichthiotherapy as Alternative Treatment for Patients with Psoriasis: A Pilot Study,” Martin Grassberg and W. Hoch, Oxford Press, 2006).

Garra Rufa Fish Full Body Treament – 30mins – €35

Your body is emersed in a bath of water which contains the Garra Rufa fish. The water is 36 degrees, creating a warm and relaxing experience. Garra Rufa fish work their way over the full body, which is an excellent treatment for psoriasis and eczema, or just for an all over body exfoliation.

Try The Garra Rufa Fish Experience

  • 5 Minutes €7

  • 10 Minutes €12

  • 15 Minutes €18

  • Fish Pedicure Plain €20

  • With Nail Varnish €30

  • With French Varnish €35

  • With Shellac €38

  • With French Shellac €43

  • Full Body Fish Treatment               30′ – €35

  • Full Legs Fish Treatment 15′ – €20

During the treatment, clients immerse their feet or entire body into a special tank containing the Garra Rufa fish, commonly described as “Doctor Fish”. The treatment has been described as very pleasant and entirely painless, with the sensation being described as feeling like a gentle vibration, bubbles or small kisses! The Garra Rufa fish do not have teeth and cannot possibly cause any damage.

This alternative pedicure treatment is very safe and totally natural, as there are no chemical substances involved or shaver of any sort. Plus the fish can also reach difficult areas. Any areas of the body with hardened and abused skin will see it removed with precision, leaving a soft, fresh layer of skin. Those who suffer from calluses will also see tremendous benefit from this treatment.

The success behind this treatment is believed to lie in the enzyme called diathanol, which is found in the mouth of the fish. There are important scientific studies that have shown that this enzyme helps to spread healthy skin, putting an end to the cellular division of the skin, which is responsible for the creation of hardened skin. At the same time, pores are opened, cleansed and a skin massage is also done. All of this combines to reduce fatigue and stress. Clients describe feelings of relaxation after their treatment and they are left with soft, rejuvenated, healthy skin.

Our health is our most valuable possession. Concerns about the safety of Ichthiotherapy are unfounded, as the treatment has proven time and again to be very effective and completely safe and has helped many patients with a variety of health issues. Along with the latest in technology in water purification, institutes which conduct Ichthiotherapy must meet high levels of health and safety suchas:

  • Water used in the treatment is passed through special filters which provide a thorough sterilisation and cleansing of the water, and UV-C lasers are also used to completely sterilise the water 24 hours before it is used.

  • The water is constantly passed through special filters and sterilised compounds to provide the upmost in health and safety. Within 2 minutes the water is clean, fresh and hygienic.

  • Common skin ailments cannot be passed onto the fish, as fish organisms are entirely different

  • The fish come from certified producers who have health and safety certification which meets EU level standards 

  • Every potential client is checked before having the treatment and anyone who has open wounds is not allowed to use the fish.


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