Considered our first line of defense, our skin when damaged needs time to repair. The skin’s return to its normal, healthy appearance doesn’t happen overnight. Difficulties can arise during repair which may further prolong the process. This is especially evident during pregnancy with the appearance of stretch marks. The skin is not able to restructure itself correctly & lacks firmness. Titrated Extract of Centella asiatica, better known as CICA or Tiger grass, is a high purified composition of some of the most powerful molecules found within this plant. CICA works to repair damaged skin faster and restore skin integrity by boosting the vital proteins within the dermis and by soothing effect. Our extract is produced from wild centella asiatica harvested in Madagascar. This particular botanical variety is more stable in composition of pentacyclic triterpenes (actives), has higher amount of those actives and grows wild. When cultivated, it loses its pharmacological profile & has low content of actives. In our formulation we combine CICA with Provitamin B5 (panthenol) known for its properties to hydrate and restore the skin integrity. Applied locally, panthenol penetrates the epidermis where it is absorbed by the skin cells and transformed into pantothenic acid, this is where it acts on the hydration of the stratum corneum. In addition, it helps to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, fighting against water loss and dehydration.