A new and revolutionary concept, specially conceived to prevent and combat the effects which cause ageing in a specific manner, each treatment personalised with a unique anti-ageing code which intensively treats the needs of the skin at any moment. Facial fluid formulated with Matrixyl, Repair Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Soya Extract and Organic Silicon. Designed to TREAT the effects of the passage of time on face, neck and cleavage in a completely personalised way, combining the serum base with concentrates specially selected by the professional to meet the characteristics and needs which they observe in each customer and according to the treatment carried out with MyCODE_PROFESSIONAL LAB.

You can choose up to 3 ampules to complete your customized face serum:

  • 01 Oxygen Code
  • 02 Defense Code
  • 03 Nutrition Care
  • 04 Brightening Code
  • 05 Density Code
  • 06 Lifting