An active serum to nourish and restore the natural skin lipid barrier with 20% vegan squalane and 3% of vitamin F. The serum can be use pure as treatment against dryness or mixed with other serum to prepare a more specific and personalised product.

The formulation is one of the most skin and eco-friendly. All ingredients in the product are issued from renewable source and the product is packed in a simple and 75 ml bottle to reduce wastes. An ecological and responsible skin care that is not making compromise on results. This is as close as you can get, in terms of respect of the environment and skin friendly.

Vegan squalane is a fantastic humectant that closely matches skin’s natural squalene, providing excellent moisture and ingredient penetration. Squalene is not a stable ingredient and can be heavy and pore clogging. Squalane has hydrogen added to the molecule form which allows it to be lighter and not clog pores. Olive Squalane is a clear, odorless, natural emollient that helps to smooth the skin and retain its moisture. Olive Squalane is very light, and easily absorbed into the skin. Due to its easy absorbability, it is an excellent carrier for other ingredients like vitamins.

Vitamin F is designed for application to dry, seborrhoic skin with disturbed lipid barrier as well as for dry scalps with brittle and shineless hair. Vitamin F is a blend of essential fatty acids (Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid) extracted from soy bean oil. Essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, are extremely important for maintaining an intact lipid barrier and its physiological functions. Deficiency of linoleic acid leads to dry, scaling skin with a disturbed lipid barrier, which finds its expression in an increased TEWL. Topical application of linoleic acid leads to restoration of the lipid barrier within a few days. Vitamin F can efficiently helps to treat dry skin, hypertrophy of sebaceous glands,hyperkeratosis, weakened capillary vessels, atopic dermatitis psoriasis and even acne.

The serum can be mixed with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits. When preparing a serum with squalane based serums the proportion of squalane serums must be less than half. Squalane serums are not recommended to be added in hyaluronic mix-mask due to their oily composition.