paphosspa baths


Relax, relieve pain, and restore your body at Paphos Spa.
You will be left feeling soft and supple with a beautiful, healthy glow.

Perfect for after the wedding ceremony or for Valentine’s day. Relax in the soft light of candles and pleasant aromas from the sea salts or essential oils. Champagne and fresh fruits are included.

Feel regenerated, relax with bubbles and soften your muscles as you are immersed in the Hydro Tub. Enjoy a rich creamy sensation of bathing in milk. The benefits of milk proteins deliver a beautifying boost – a distinctly luxurious bath.

Hydrotherapy is excellent for reducing or relieving sudden or long-lasting aches and pains. Tense, tight muscles are relaxed by the jets of water and cells are hydrated, improving the tone of both the skin and muscles.
Choose from a selection of essential oils to personalize your hydrotherapy bath.

The temperature of a classic Sauna is 80 – 90°C in a low humidity climate, providing immediate beneficial effects on the skin, long lasting on the body and anti-stress effect on the mind.