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Body Treatments

The exotic scent of this range promise to take you on a journey into the Amazon rainforest! Your skin will feel softer, more radiant and smoother than ever. The ingredients of this range are of 94% natural origin! The treatment includes a signature massage by Bernard Cassiere, with unique relaxation and wellness movements.

Imagine the turquoise waters and the green nature… This body care is a real dreamy escape, a deep relaxing moment, suitable for all skin types. Skin is left softened, nourished with a monoï-vanilla fragrance.

*Not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women.
This treatment is focused for slimming and body contouring. It helps to improve the appearance of the skin on treated areas, the firmness of the skin and to refine the silhouette. The main actives such as pineapple, green tea and coffee complex, are anti-cellulite, fight against fat storage and improve cutaneous tonus. The Maca leaf from Peru extract helps with slimming, draining and gives a firming effect.

*Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Tired legs feeling at the end of the day. Legs visibly swollen giving you discomfort…This treatment is what you need! It provides a freshness sensation to decrease leg discomfort, provides immediately well-being sensation for lighter and embellished legs and it aims to limit the swollen sensation at the end of the day.

A treatment that experiments new sensations, to return to the origins of the world, to get back into harmony with nature and travel through distant islands. Recommended for anyone who is looking for a true moment of deep relaxation. African, Mexican and Polynesian Ancestral beauty recipes discovery. Your body is left feeling softer and exfoliated with 100% Arabian Coffee.