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Face Treatments

A holistic beauty range that combines sensoriality and yoga inspirations, so each man and woman can connect to oneself and serenely be at ease with its age. Recommended for people over the age of 30 looking to improve wrinkles and fine lines, skin atrophy, skin ptosis (sagging) and dryness. Designed to protect the skin from internal or external aggressions, to protect the skin from artificial light, regain a smoother and firmer skin as well as to nourish and increase essential nutrient levels in the cells.

The perfect facial to detoxify the skin. This facial is designed to revitalize the skin with the EE energizing treatment for a skin detox effect. Ideal for individuals who suffer with dull and tired skin, general lack of radiance, asphyxiated and grey complexion of skin as well as aging process to be accelerated (appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). The main actives in this treatment are, vitamin C which stimulate the skin and contain antioxidants, blood orange extract for detoxifying and mandarin essential oil for calming and relaxing.

The eye contour is the most delicate area of the face. The skin of the eye contour is very thin and more sensitive to external (climate, pollution…) or internal (free radicals…) attacks. The eye contour is often the first area where signs of dehydration and ageing are seen. The cornflower eye treatment is designed to firm, soothe and unify the eye contour, to minimize wrinkles and expression lines in order to blur dark circles and to restore energy and skin tonus of the eye contour.

A treatment suitable for all dehydrated to dry skin types, lacking elasticity. The bamboo extract in the treatment captures and fixes water anti-inflammatory and restorative actions. The Aloe- Vera extract (organic), nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes. This treatment also includes ophiopogonin Janopicus which reinforces the epidermis barrier function.

An indulgent treatment perfect for the chocoholic without consuming a single calorie! This treatment is recommended for dull skins, victims of urban stress. You will find your complexion is clearer and brighter, the skin will feel soft and rehydrated with smoother and re-inflated lines. Cocoa extract acts against free radicals, as well as being rich in anti-oxidants and polyphenols.

For the conception of this anti-ageing line, Bernard Cassière has dedicated its most experienced formulators, who have carefully developed these formulas while paying attention to select the ingredients. Elaborated carefully, this line has been enriched with diamond powder and white pearl extract to improve the quality and radiance of your skin. This treatment is recommended for mature skin from 50 years old. Your skin will be lifted, firm, and smooth with reduced wrinkles, hydrated/nourished with limited dark spots.

Not all skins are equal. Redness, stinging or burning sensations can be signs of cutaneous sensitivity. The bilberry extract found stimulate the blood circulation and decrease capillary permeability. The skin is left feeling soothed, more tolerant, with reduced redness, leaving your complexion looking fresh and bright.