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3D Eyebrow Tattoo

Whether you are going on a night out, shopping, the gym or on holiday, save yourself the hassle of drawing, tinting and using eyebrow make-up.

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During a professional consultation your perfect 3D eyebrow shape will be recommended.

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3D Eyebrow tattoo     € 120

MAXXBROWS is a 3D make-up technology that can give you the natural looking eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of, in not time at all. Imagine the amount of time you will save drawing on your eyebrows. If you are forever filling in your eyebrows and you want to save time, look great 24/7 and the effect to last up to 2 years (with good home care), then MAXXBROWS 3D Eyebrows are for you.

The colour is adjusted to match your natural eyebrow colour, which results in a realistic look and feel. MAXXBROWS creates the background and fills in the parts of the eyebrow that look empty, so that a full and complete look is accomplished.